HIV/AIDS and STI Control

HIV Country Review 2017

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia sought the cooperation of the World Health Organization to conduct a Review of the National Health Sector Response to HIV, from 16 to 27 January, 2017. The most recent review had taken place in 2011. The present review took stock of the implementation of the 2011 recommendations and, through a variety of methods, examined progress achieved since the last review, opportunities for further progress and barriers faced by Indonesia towards achieving its medium-term goals of effectively scaling up HIV prevention, care, treatment and support. The longer term goal of the Indonesian response to HIV is to eliminate transmission of HIV by 2030.

The objectives of the review are:

  • To review the status of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, including a review of the relevance and adequacy of the strategic plan of the National Action Plan focusing on the health sector response to HIV/AIDS;
  • To assess the adequacy of the national response, including policies and programmes for HIV prevention, care and treatment. This will include an assessment of the progress and effectiveness of HIV prevention, care/treatment and support activities and identification of the constraints on programme implementation; and
  • To provide recommendations for refining the programmatic and technical aspects of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment, including recommendations on the way forward for policy formulation and programme planning, implementation and collaboration among partners.

The Review also examined the needs of, and services accessible to, at risk and vulnerable populations. These terms are defined in the body of the report.

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