Measles Rubella Immunization Campaign in Java Island on Aug –Sep 2017

Indonesia has already beaten smallpox, polio, maternal and neonatal tetanus. Now the country is focusing for Measles and Rubella elimination, which is also a Regional and Global priority. In Indonesia Measles vaccine is routinely provided to all children, two doses at 9 month and 18 month. Now Rubella vaccine will be added (M-->MR) in National Immunization program.

Measles causes fever, rash, cough, and runny nose, and red, watery eyes. Complications can include ear infection, diarrhea, pneumonia, brain damage, and death.

Rubella causes fever, sore throat, rash, headache, and red, itchy eyes. If a woman gets rubella while she is pregnant, she could have a miscarriage or her baby could be born with serious birth defects such as blindness, deafness, etc.

Both measles and rubella viruses are widely circulating in Indonesia and thousands of cases are reported annually. You can protect all children against these diseases with safe, effective vaccination. Getting MR vaccine is much safer than getting measles or rubella diseases and its related risk or complications. Indonesia will be conducting MR Immunization campaign, targeting around 70 million children in two phases in 2017-2018. The campaign in phase-i will be conducted in this Aug-Sep all six provinces of Java Island (Banten, Jakarta, East, West and Central Java and Jogjakarta) which aims to vaccinate more than 35 million children in the age group of 9 months to 15 years with MR vaccine (measles and rubella), phase -ii will take place in remaining 28 provinces outside Java island next year in 2018

It’s recommended that all children* should take this additional MR vaccine through campaign irrespective of previous measles or MMR vaccination status. WHO prequalified vaccine will be used in the campaign.

1st Aug onwards: Children in schools will be vaccinated (age 6 years to below 15 years).All schools ( govt, private, religious schools etc.) will have vaccination days

1st Sept to 30 Sept: Children 9 months to 5 years will be vaccinated, vaccination will be provided through community / villages, RW/RT at Posyandus, Health centers.

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