Indonesia TB Situation Update 2017

TB Situation 2017.
In Indonesia total cases notified all forms in 2016 were 360.565 cases. Treatment success rate among new smear-positive was 85 percent for the cohort of patients registered in 2015.
Patients MDR/RR-TB who started on treatment was 1879 and patients XDR-TB started on treatment was 52.

Better Chance to Cure Drug resistant TB in Indonesia

Gear up to end TB, is the theme for the World TB Day, 24 March 2015. Everybody is invited to join the efforts in reaching, treating and curing those who suffer from TB. Education is one of the key elements to controlling TB.

MDR TB Indonesia Update 2016

Indonesia is one of the 27 MDR TB high burden countries worldwide, with estimated 6,800 new cases every year. The national MDR-TB estimated 2.8% among new TB Cases and 16% previously treated TB cases.
By the end of November 2016, in Indonesia PMDT services have expanded to 35 PMDT referral hospitals, 57 PMDT treatment centres and 1,193 Treatment sites (treatment satellite) in 34 provinces.
More than 55,000 TB patients being tested for drugs resistance and 6,000 of DR-TB patients (MDR, Pre XDR and XDR patients) have been treated all over the country since 2009.

TB-HIV Indonesia; update 2014

Indonesia is listed among the 41 TB HIV high burden countries. The estimated prevalence of HIV among incident TB cases is 3.1% In some provinces the reported TB/HIV co infection rate is reported to be much higher, for example Papua (14%) and Bali (3.9%). The National policy for TB/HIV collaboration activities is in place, guidelines, and training materials have been developed. NTP has revised the recording and reporting system to include information on TB/HIV. The NTP’s top priority is to provide quality DOTS services at all ART facilities.

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