April 07 2013:
WHO Country Office jointly with United Nations Country Team in the Republic of Maldives has organized an event called “Coffee with Media”. This initiative is designed to strengthen the UN family engagement with media, and enhance the use of media as a tool to promote and advocate for the development objectives pursued by the UN in support of national development goals.

The first in a series of events “Coffee with Media” has been hosted by the World Health Organization, Country Office for Maldives and was dedicated to the celebration of the anniversary of the World’s Health Organization which was founded 65 years ago, on April 07 1948. The World Health Day is celebrated all over the world and this year’s theme is high blood pressure. This year’s campaign provides an opportunity to focus attention on the prevention and control of heart disease and stroke through a focus on hypertension and other risk factors. WHO Representative to the Republic of Maldives Dr Akjemal Magtymova presented the problem and its global, regional and country burden and called for concerted efforts at individual, family, community and national level actions to prevent and manage the condition and rising risks of non-communicable diseases.

Dr Magtymova presented the work of the WHO in the country, the achievements and key milestones of the joint work with the Government of the Maldives over the years in the field of public health. The WHO Representative has stressed on the importance of a responsible journalism. She encouraged to maintain close contacts with the communications focal points of the WHO and UN to obtain and validate the information and data in order to present the accurate and reliable data to the public. Media is a powerful tool for informing individuals and communities on health risk factors, changing their behavior and lifestyles and it is most important that media is using its power to make those changes positive.

Representatives of local and international media, colleagues from UN agencies actively participated in a fruitful discussion focusing on non-communicable diseases. During a “question and answer” session, media representatives were able to familiarize themselves with a number of activities performed by UN family in the country, to clarify questions and to liaise with UN staff based in Male’.

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