Nationwide campaign against mosquitoes kicks off in Hulhumale’

The WHO Country Office joined the campaign “Madhiri Rulhi Rulhi” against mosquitoes organized by the Ministry of Health’s Health Protection Agency in cooperation the Hulhumale’ Development Centre on the morning of 16th May 2015. This is part of an ongoing public awareness program to reduce mosquito breeding sites and stop spread of dengue and other vector-borne diseases.

Starting off in Hulhumale’, this nationwide 9-week campaign will extend to the Male’, Villimale’ and other regions with the aim to disseminate information on vector borne diseases. Minister of State for Health, Mr. Fuad Gasim launched the campaign on early Saturday morning stressing on the importance of draining places of stagnant water to alleviate mosquito breeding grounds to safeguard the people from viral diseases like dengue and chikunguniya.

The Hulhumale’ Development corporation along with volunteers from the Maldivian Red Crescent, the Girl Guides Association, Maldivian National Defense Force, Hulhumale’ Hospital and the World Health Organization all helped in the effort in getting rid of breeding sites, where stagnant water could be collected. The campaign started at 8 am in the morning and finished at 12pm of which 10 groups of volunteers were formed and divided to cover all sectors of Hulhumale’.

At the end of the campaign trail around 12 trucks of garbage were collected from the entire Hulhumale’ region and were sent to Thilafushi. The majority of the garbage collected was made of plastic bottle and cans. The Madihiri Rulhi Rulhi campaign also provided information towards the media outlets and social media to promote public awareness on mosquito borne diseases, waste management and the effect the environment around has on the people. Individual and group face-to-face discussions and question-and-answer sessions were provided by WHO and HPA staff to the residents of Hulhumale area.