Raising awareness about mosquito borne diseases

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh - As rains increase the risk of mosquito borne diseases such as malaria, creating awareness among Rohingyas on how to protect themselves against such diseases is a priority for WHO in Cox’s Bazar.

WHO/ Carolyn Davis

During one such activity, Dr. Umme Asma Absari, WHO’s surveillance and immunization medical officer, advises people to use mosquito nets, both during the day and night; cover all water containers; and prevent water collection in coconut shells and other such material which can be potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Dr. Absari emphasizes that pregnant women and young children are more vulnerable to diseases transmitted through mosquito bites.

Dr Absari speaks in Chittagonian, a Bangladeshi dialect similar to the Rohingya language, as Jisan Paul, a producer with DW Akademie, interviews her for a humanitarian information program to be broadcast over Radio Naf. The interview is also being widely disseminated through USB drives.