Formulation of Five Year Strategic Plan for Reproductive Health 2009-2013

Participants in Group Work for Five-year Strategic Plan (2009-2013)

The Five-Year Strategic Plan for Reproductive Health (2004-2008) ended in 2008. With the financial and technical support from RH Unit, WHO/SEARO, the existing Strategic Plan was reviewed and from the achievements, shortcomings and gaps identified, the new Strategic Plan for 2009-2013 was formulated. The overall goal of the strategic plan for 2009-2013 is to attain a better quality of life of the people of Myanmar by improved reproductive health status of women, men, adolescents and youths. The activities that could achieve this goal are identified.

The Department of Health held the first workshop for formulation of five year strategic plan for reproductive health 2009-2013 on 18-19 December 2008. The representatives from Departments/Ministries/programmes and INGOs/NGOs related to Reproductive Health (Ministry of Population, Ministry of Education, Department of Health Planning, Department of Medical Research (Lower, Central and Upper Myanmar), Central Health Education Bureau, the Academia, National Nutrition Centre, National AIDS Program and Malaria Control Program), UN Agencies (WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF) and INGOs (Marie Stopes International, Population Services International, Merlin, JOICFP, Save the Children) and NGOs (Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association, Myanmar Women Affairs Federation, Myanmar Medical Association, Myanmar Red Cross Society, Myanmar Health Assistants Association) attended the workshop.

The objectives of this workshop were:

  • To review and provide inputs into the background information for the existing 5-year strategic plan for Reproductive Health.
  • To identify and build consensus on priority interventions in Reproductive Health in Myanmar.
  • To discuss the existing strategic approaches necessary to successful and comprehensive implementation of priority interventions and
  • To develop the formulation of 2009-2013 Five-year Strategic Plan for Reproductive Health.
Deputy Director General Dr Thein Thein Htay at the chair for discussion sessions of the workshop

The priority areas identified were, setting for enabling environment, improving information base for decision making, strengthening health systems capacity for delivery of quality reproductive health services and improving community and family practices. Following interactive and intensive group works, interventions to be included in each of the priority areas were identified. The Deputy Minister of Health H.E. Professor Mya Oo chaired the plenary session and gave guidance on recommendations for (2009-2013) strategic plan. The first draft was formulated and completed by end February 2009. This was shared to national and sub national levels for comments and inputs. The Deputy Director (MCH) and representatives from WHO, UNFPA and UNICEF also met to review and update the draft document. Finalization of the draft document was done by Dr Akjemal Magtymova, RH Unit, SEARO.

The Department of Health next called for a final workshop for dissemination of the final draft on 1 and 2 May 2009, inviting the same departments and stakeholders for finalization. A thorough review of the document was made in this workshop. A Technical Working Group was also formed with clear and specific terms of reference. The MCH Unit, Department of Health will finalize the draft and then put up to the Ministry of Health for final approval.