Keeping safe on Myanmar roads!

Road crashes are major causes of deaths in Myanmar. From 2013 to 2015, number of road deaths increased rapidly from 2,464 to 3,612. The WHO estimated Myanmar road death rates, increased from 15 to as high as 20.3 per 100,000 Pop., a jump from the 6th to 2nd rank within its WHO Region.

Individuals can protect lives on Myanmar roads through the followings:

  • Safer road rules:
    • Drive within speed limit (urban 48, rural 80, expressway 100 Km/hr.). Keep the speed below 60 Km/hr. while raining.
    • Do not drive drunk, tired/sleepy or under the influence of drugs or medicine.
    • Do not talk or text on mobile phone while driving.
    • Seatbelts must be fastened by all occupants.
    • All motorcycle drivers and passengers must wear standard quality helmets.
  • Safer vehicles:
    • Checking of tyres to ensure no signs of wear, damage, bulges, or tread separation;
    • The tyre inflation pressure should be as recommended by the manual;
    • Replacing bald and over 5 –year old tyres;
    • Not to overload vehicles;
    • Have the garage check for vehicle safety functions before distant trip and check again the lights and brakes right before the trips.
  • Safer roads:
    • Avoid roads under constructions or with bad conditions. Report to the concerned when there is dangerous road condition.