Health Systems Strengthening (HSS)

Strong health systems are critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and ensuring good standards of health and equitable health outcomes for all.

In Nepal, the government is committed to improve access to and use of quality essential services, especially targeting the poorest people, those living in remote areas and women and children. Strengthening the building blocks of an effective health system including human resources for health, infrastructure, procurement and supply chain management and sustainable health financing is critical. As is improved sector management and governance, and strengthened decentralized planning and budgeting as the country moves towards a federal structure.

WHO Nepal is providing technical support to the government to implement its health sector programmes. We focus on strengthening the performance and interconnectedness of different areas of the health system including essential health service delivery, procurement of commodities, health infrastructure, health financing and policy. We are working at all levels within the system – from strengthening the quality of primary health care services in rural areas to the development of evidence-based policies and at national level.

- Department of Drug Administration

Ensuring the safety, efficacy and quality of medicines, vaccines and health products available to the public is the main aim of drug regulation. To achieve this drug regulatory goal, WHO Nepal has been supporting Department of Drug Administration under MoH, in capacity building of regulators in different areas of drug regulatory affairs, progressively strengthening drug regulation including post-market surveillance, developing and revising norms and standards at national level and implementing interventions for improving access, quality and rational use of essential medicines. WHO Nepal has contributed positively to achieving the objectives of the past and current national pharmaceutical sector plans. Further strengthening drug regulatory authority to improve the attributes of Universal Health coverage in federal structure within its decentralization programme to undertake a number of new roles and responsibilities through established and revised mechanisms of aid coordination will be the priority area for WHO Nepal.