Fifth National Health Accounts Released

The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) launched the fifth round of National Health Accounts (NHA) on 18 December 2018, that presents health expenditures estimates of four fiscal years, from 2012/13 to 2015/16.

Since 2006, MoHP has produced NHA to find Nepal’s health finance trends - where the resources for health is coming from, how they are managed, and where it is being spent – and showcased said data in systematic, comprehensive, and consistent manner. World Health Organization, Country Office for Nepal, has been supporting the report, both technically and financially.

NHA tracks the spending by government, household, external donors, national and international NGOs, private sectors, employers, insurance providers, and other stakeholders in the country’s health system to find how the funding was used to deliver the health services and goods to the people. NHA is designed to understand a country’s health financing landscape and the mechanism through the evidences based on healthcare spending. It is equally useful in finding answers to key policy questions and inform policy decisions for health financing reforms.

These precious data and findings inform policy-makers, non-governmental stakeholders, and managers to make better decisions in their efforts to improve the health system. It also helps to provide a national benchmark to uphold, and standardized and comparable database for cross-country comparisons.

Some key findings in the fifth round were that most household expenses were made on purchasing medications. Most spending concentrated towards remedying noncommunicable diseases, followed by communicable diseases.

You can download the report via the following link:


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