Core and Reference Indicators for Monitoring Traditional and Complementary Medicine in South-East Asia

This document contains a set of core and reference indicators that can be used for monitoring traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM) systems in a country. It is intended as a guide and reference for policy-makers and managers, because few countries are regularly monitoring their T&CM systems though many people use these services. A South-East Asia Regional Workshop on Traditional Medicines agreed the indicator set should be developed, and it has been refined through consultations during 2016 and 2017. Each core and reference indicator is accompanied by a set of metadata. This is the first indicator set developed for traditional and complementary medicine. It will be periodically reviewed and updated based on experience with use. This publication is accessible at

Epidemiology of alcohol use in the WHO South-East Asia Region

This publication outlines public health aspects of alcohol use and harm in WHO South East Asia Region Countries. It summarizes Global Regional and country specific data and also discusses aspects of alcohol control that are important in the context of the Region. The possible future trend of alcohol use in the Region is also analysed and current and future barriers to effective alcohol control in countries of the Region are discussed.

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