World TB Day 2015

Of the approximately 3 million people who get sick with TB every year in the WHO South-East Asia Region, a third do not get the TB services. On World TB Day, WHO is urging countries to find, treat and cure the “missing” 1 million who do not get TB services, in order to accelerate progress towards zero TB deaths, infections, suffering and stigma. WHO’s End TB Strategy, adopted by governments at the World Health Assembly last year (May 2014), is designed to drive action in three key areas: integrated patient-centered TB care and prevention for all in need, including children; bold policies and supportive systems; and intensified research and innovation. The strategy sets ambitious targets of a 95% reduction in TB deaths and a 90% reduction in cases of TB by 2035. An important milestone to be reached within the next five years (2020) is the elimination of catastrophic costs for TB patients and their families. Eliminating catastrophic costs is feasible through making care more accessible and through financial protection schemes to minimize medical and non-medical costs as well as income loss.

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Global burden

38%The proportion of the global burden of TB in the Region

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TB prevalent cases

4.5 millionTB prevalent cases in the Region

Refer to SEAR TB Annual Report 2015
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New cases

3.4 millionTB cases every year in the Region

Refer to SEAR TB Annual Report 2015
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