About WHO in Thailand

For over 60 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has contributed to Thailand’s national health development. WHO has worked to strengthen the planning capacity of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and supported innovative activities in strengthening primary health care and health systems, while contributing toward building institutional capacity in controlling communicable diseases, addressing risk factors for noncommunicable diseases and strengthening reproductive, maternal, and child care.

“We support and add value to the Royal Thai Government (RTG) and other stakeholders to improve the health of all people living in Thailand and to promote Thai expertise around the world. To achieve this mission, we work individually and collectively to enhance our capacities, and to foster an open and cooperative workplace.” is the mission statement of our Office.

The WHO Country Office for Thailand has a highly motivated professional and administrative team collaborating with the Ministry of Public Health and relevant partners. This collaboration is aligned with the overall objectives of WHO and its governing bodies and is described in the fifth Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS) 2017–2021. The CCS in Thailand represents a strategic, innovative and unique approach to partnership – an approach where more than 60 stakeholders in health including the Ministry of Public Health, academia, civil society, other sectors and government autonomous health agencies all come together on a limited number of clear priorities based on evidence. In this CCS, WHO serves as a catalyst to broader collaboration across sectors maximizing its social and intellectual capital.

The CCS 2017-2021 focuses of the following five strategic priorities:

  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Global Health Diplomacy (including International Trade and Health)
  • Migrant Health
  • Noncommunicable Diseases
  • Road Safety

The WHO Country Office for Thailand through this CCS is committed to contribute to improving the health of all people living in Thailand by bringing together the Ministry of Public Health, other ministries and a wide spectrum of partners to discuss critical health priorities and stimulate high-value policy work, knowledge generation, advocacy and capacity-building.

WHO Country Cooperation Strategy Thailand 2017-2021

The fourth Country Cooperation Strategy presents the partnership in health between the Royal Thai Government and World Health Organization (WHO) for the period 2012-2016

WHO Collaborating Centres in Thailand

WHO Collaborating Centres form part of an inter-institutional collaborative network established by WHO in support of its programmes at the country, inter-country, regional, interregional or global levels, as appropriate.

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