Air travel is low-risk for Ebola transmission

WHO today reiterated its position that the risk of transmission of Ebola virus disease during air travel remains low. Ebola is not airborne and can only be transmitted by direct contact with the body fluids of a person who is sick with the disease. On the small chance that someone on the plane is sick with Ebola, the likelihood of other passengers and crew having contact with their body fluids is low. WHO is therefore advising against travel bans to and from affected countries.

WHO to convene ethical review of experimental treatment for Ebola

Boots and other personal protective equipment being disinfected, Liberia.
WHO/C. Banluta

Next week, WHO will convene medical ethicists to explore the use of experimental treatment in the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Currently there is no registered medicine or vaccine against the virus, but there are several experimental options under development. The recent treatment of 2 health workers with experimental medicine has raised questions about whether medicine that has never been tested and shown to be safe in people should be used in the outbreak and, given the limited medicine available, if it is used, who should receive it.

Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week 2014

Graphic depicting a mother, infant breastfeeding, father and health worker.

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from 1 to 7 August in more than 170 countries to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world. WHO actively promotes breastfeeding as the best source of nourishment for infants and young children.

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The Thailand country office of the World Health Organization is now on Facebook. Come and follow our activities in the country. As a specialized UN agency for global health, the WHO first set up a country office in Thailand more than 60 years ago. It has been collaborating closely with the Royal Thai Government and other relevant partners over the past six decades on public health development in Thailand. That work continues today.

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Recent highlights

  • 31 July 2014

    WHO Director-General and west African presidents launch Ebola outbreak response plan

    The new joint US$ 100 million response plan is part of an intensified international, regional and national campaign to bring the outbreak under control. “The scale of the Ebola outbreak, and the persistent threat it poses, requires WHO and Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to take the response to a new level, and this will require increased resources, in-country medical expertise, regional preparedness and coordination,” says WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan. “The countries have identified what they need, and WHO is reaching out to the international community to drive the response plan forward.”

  • 29 July 2014

    Challenges and rewards of working on Ebola outbreak

    29 July 2014 -- The Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN), a WHO-based network of experts and institutions, assists with the international response to disease outbreaks. This feature describes the challenges and experiences of 2 doctors who were recently deployed by WHO to respond to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

  • 20 July 2014

    WHO calls for coordinated action to detect, control and treat hepatitis

    Viral hepatitis kills approximately half a million people every year in the 11 countries of WHO’s South-East Asia Region. An estimated 100 million people are currently infected with hepatitis B virus and another 30 million with hepatitis C virus. These chronic infections have the potential to progress to cirrhosis and cancer of liver.

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