WHO-MOPH Workshop on Risk Communications for Response to Ebola and other Emerging Infectious Diseases

Risk Communications, DDC, Ministry of Public Health Thailand

Thailand has been working very hard to enhance national preparedness for the possible importation of EVD. As part of these effects, and with the support of WHO Thailand and WHO SEARO, two 'Workshop(s) on Risk Communication for Response to Ebola and other Emerging Diseases' were therefore held on 20 and 21 January 2015 with the first workshop focusing on public health officials and the second one aimed at representatives of the media in Thailand.

2014 in review: key health issues

Health headlines have recently been dominated by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and humanitarian emergencies in many other countries. 2014 also saw major public health successes, and a clearer understanding of a number of public health threats. WHO produced reports on a range of critical health issues and provided new advice to help countries improve their people's health.

Alternative livelihood for tobacco farmers in South-East Asia

Tobacco growing as well as bidi rolling accounts for a significant percentage of the workforce in countries such as Bangladesh, India and Indonesia. These people get paid minimum wages and suffer from hazards of handling tobacco leaves and inhaling of pesticides. There are also negative effects on the environment due to deforestation and curing of tobacco. This important issue of alternative livelihood needs to be addressed seriously, since we have many countries in our Region where an alternative livelihood for the tobacco growers and workers needs to be provided by the government.

WHO Thailand on Facebook and Twitter

The Thailand country office of the World Health Organization is now on Facebook. Come and follow our activities in the country. As a specialized UN agency for global health, the WHO first set up a country office in Thailand more than 60 years ago. It has been collaborating closely with the Royal Thai Government and other relevant partners over the past six decades on public health development in Thailand. That work continues today.

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Recent highlights

  • 12 December 2014

    10 years recovery from the 2004 tsunami

    It has been a decade since the devastating tsunami hit this region with a vengeance claiming lives of close to 200 000 people, displacing more than 2 million from in South-East Asia and East Africa. The Region has come a long way since the 2004 event in it preparedness and capacity building initiatives in the area of disaster risk reduction and emergency risk management.

  • 22 November 2014

    WHO targets implementation of new guidelines for indoor air quality

    WHO convened a meeting of representatives of Member States to target the implementation of the new Guidelines for indoor air quality: household fuel combustion, at a Regional workshop on air quality and human health in New Delhi today. Over 60% of homes in WHO South-East Asia Region still use solid fuel for cooking.

  • 8 December 2014

    Survivors help improve Ebola care

    Only people who have been sick with Ebola virus disease and recovered from this traumatic experience can truly explain what it was like and what their needs were during their illness. That is why a group of Ebola survivors were asked to play a critical role in WHO’s training programme for health professionals working on Ebola care.

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