Bi-regional Meeting on Healthy Borders in Greater Mekong Sub-region, 5-7 August 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

The WHO South-east Asia Regional Office (SEARO) and the WHO Western Pacific Regional office (WPRO) jointly organized the “Bi-regional Meeting on Healthy Borders in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS)” from 5-7 August 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand with the overall aim to contribute to the improvement of the health of mobile and migrant populations and those people living in border areas in the GMS through multi-sectorial collaboration. ASEAN Secretariat and the Asian Development Bank were key collaborators in the meeting in recognition of the multiple dimensions in addition to the health sector which are required to meet this objective. The 180 participants from all the GMS countries (Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam, and China) included representation from multiple government ministries as well as international organizations, non-governmental organizations, donors, academic institutions, and other stakeholders. Reflecting the importance of the topic of healthy borders to the GMS, distinguished speakers included: the ministers of health of Thailand and Myanmar, the Secretary-General of the Office of National Economic and Social Development Board of Thailand, the vice minister of health of Lao PDR, the Secretary General of ASEAN, the vice president of the ADB, as well as the regional directors of both SEARO and WPRO.

The meeting provided technical and policy updates through six sessions with 40 presentations in addition to extensive working group discussions to take advantage of the wide ranging expertise represented. The meeting resulted in key recommendations for the way forward in order to meet the following objectives: strengthen the high-level multisectoral commitment to implement the emergency response to artemisinin resistance in the GMS, set the stage for a multisectoral framework for border/migrant health in GMS, identify best practices for development projects to lessen the impact and improve the health of populations in the GMS, stress the need for access to quality health services and disease prevention in GMS border areas, and identify collaboration mechanisms that can improve the health of people living in the GMS border areas. Key concepts and recommendations will be presented to ASEAN Senior Health Officials in August in Singapore.



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