Travel Advice - General Information

General advice for maintaining good health while traveling can be found at the WHO website Health Info for Travelers to Timor-Leste. This compilation of information on international travel and health details the risks to which travelers are exposed and the precautions needed to protect their health. The advice provided here is useful for travelers, both in terms of how to prepare for travel and what to do once in a country. Specific focus on tropical food water sources & health information for traveler to Timor-Leste are given below.

Timor-Leste Facts:
For brief information on geography, history, population, government, climate and electricity go to or

Tropical Food:
There are varieties of tropical food that you can find in Timor-Leste. Mostly organic food and fresh food can get from local market. Seasonal food such as fruits and vegetables always vary according to the season. Timorese food is also influenced by Portuguese and Indonesian food. In restaurant, you can have Indonesian or Portuguese and traditional food.

Meanwhile delicious fruits and vegetables are common to the entire region.

But Timor-Leste’s culinary ties are closest to those Southeast Asian and European countries strongly influenced by Portugues and Indonesian.

Water Source:
Although some coastal areas are fished out, fresh water possibilities include lakes, rivers, ponds and flooded rice paddies. Not surprisingly, fish and crustaceans, fresh and dried, play a major role in the Timorese diet.

Visa Information:
Visitors are normally required to hold a passport valid for at least 6 months after entry into a country. For information on the types of visas available and particular requirements by nationality please see the website of the country.