World Hepatitis Day: Think Again

25 July 2014 -- Viral hepatitis – a group of infectious diseases known as hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E – affects millions of people worldwide, causing acute and chronic liver disease and killing close to 1.4 million people every year. Hepatitis remains largely ignored or unknown. On World Hepatitis Day, 28 July 2014, WHO and partners urge policy-makers, health workers and the public to "think again" about this silent killer.

WHO present polio-free certificate to the Government of Timor-Leste

On July 20th, 2014, WHO Representative, Dr. Jorge Mario Luna presented the WHO polio-free certificate to the Vice Prime-Minister of Timor-Leste, H.E. Fernando ‘La Sama’ de Araujo and the Minister of Health, H.E. Dr. Sergio Gama Lobo. The South-East Asia Region was certified polio-free earlier this year.

All 11 countries of the region, including Timor-Leste, were able to satisfy the conditions of three years of zero confirmed cases due to indigenous wild polio virus. The last case of polio due to wild virus was reported in Timor-Leste in 1999. This historic milestone was achieved through intensive surveillance and immunization programmes combined with Regional and Global solidarity.

Multi-million dollar project launched to strengthen Immunization Coverage in Timor-Leste

The Ministry of Health recently launched the GAVI Health Systems Strengthening Project to improve access and use of immunization in Timor-Leste. This ambitious 5 year project aims to reduce child mortality in Timor-Leste through improved access to immunization and Maternal Child Health services, with a particular focus on hard to reach populations. It is hoped that by the end of this 5 year project, the number of fully immunized children in Timor-Leste will reach 95%.

Timor-Leste’s drive towards Universal Health Coverage highlighted at WHO Regional Conference in Bhutan

Dr. Rajesh Pandav, Health Policy Adviser, WHO Country Office for Timor-Leste, Sr. Matteus Cunha, Head of Planning, Policy and Cooperation Department, Ministry of Health, Timor-Leste presents the EU WHO Universal Health Coverage Partnership in Timor-Leste 2013-2015 annual report to Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director WHO South-East Asia, Dr Prakin Suchaxaya, Coordinator Gender Equity and Human Rights, SEARO, Dr Alaka Singh, Regional Adviser, Health Economics and Health Planning, SEARO and Dr Rui Paulo De Jesus, Regional Adviser, Leprosy, SEARO

The World Health Organization is bringing together international public health experts, development agencies and academia to share experiences and identify ways forward for universal health coverage (UHC) at a Conference on Advancing Universal Health Coverage in South-East Asia in Paro, Bhutan.

Country Cooperation Strategy

The first WHO Country Cooperation Strategy document of Timor-Leste was published in 2004 and during the last three biennia the WHO has developed its Work Plans according to the priorities identified in the first CCS

Strategic Development Plan

All Timorese should be proud not only of achieving our independence but also of the advancements we have made as a nation in such a short period. Unfortunately, it is common for countries emerging from conflict and fragility to take decades to achieve stability and sustained progress.


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