World Health Organization and Ministry of Health celebrate World Health Day

World Health Day

The most senior members of the Ministry of Health, WHO representatives and members of the public gathered before sunrise at Palacio de Govierno to walk 5 km to raise awareness on high blood pressure and promote healthy lifestyles on April 5th 2013. Participants gathered in the medical tent after the walk where Cuban doctors had volunteered to check people's blood pressure. The Minister of Health Dr. Sergio Lobo delivered a speech to the public on how to prevent high blood pressure, the importance of getting regular exercise and eating a balanced diet . Oranges, apples and bananas were given out to all the participants during the event. Dr. Jorge Mario Luna, WHO Representative cycled to the Government Palace that morning and delivered a speech reaffirming WHO's commitment to the people of Timor-Leste to assist the government in tackling the problem of high blood pressure. Dr. Luna also reminded people that 'it is the responsibility of each individual and family has to prevent hypertension – by eating a balanced diet, reducing salt, getting regular exercise, avoiding harmful use of alcohol and tobacco, and by checking your blood pressure regularly' because 'Our health, our lives and indeed our future depend on it.'