The World TB –Day Celebration in Timor- Leste on 24th March 2011

World TB Day

The word TB day was celebrated on March 24th 2011 at Bazartete sub district of Liquica district. Honorable Health Minister, Dr. Nelson Martins was the chef guest for the World TB Day Celebration.

A crowd of more than 500 people from the community, NGOs, CBOs and others were present on the day. All 65 TB Responsible form the Community Health Centers, 13 Directors of District Health Services, 13 District TB Coordinators, District Administrators and Local Leaders also attended the World TB Day Celebration.

The Honorable Health Minister in his address, urged the people to focus on active case finding in the community through SISCA activities and handed over certificates to 32 TB Responsible for their contribution to the TB program. The minister also hosted a lunch for the people who were present that day as a part of the World TB Day Celebration.