Helping people quit tobacco: a manual for doctors and dentists

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Number of pages: 126
Publication date: 2010
Languages: English
ISBN: 9789290223801



Helping People Quit Tobacco: A Manual for Doctors and Dentists is a comprehensive dossier on tobacco cessation with the help of intervention from doctors and dentists. The document begins with the premise that the core responsibility of any doctor or dentist includes reducing the use of tobacco among his patients and in the community, and encouraging tobacco cessation. The importance of the TEACH tool to meet the MPOWER goals of the World Health Organization are also enunciated. The Manual cites relevant statistics from the apex global tobacco surveys to highlight the extent and enormity of the tobacco epidemic in the South-East Asia Region, and also outlines the nature of harm caused by tobacco use, its inherent links with several debilitating diseases and the manifold risks of using smoking and smokeless tobacco products. The Manual encourages doctors and dentists to identify at the earliest possible stage tobacco use in a patient, and provides step-by-step guidelines on intervention and assisted cessation through counselling, motivational tools and medication or pharmacotherapy. A concluding section provides details on 'lapse' and 'relapse' and how to overcome the same.